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You are on a journey. Our objective is to guide people just like you toward success, so we’ve set up this website to help you navigate a path that leads to your ultimate destination.

More than 30 years ago, I started my own journey with The Union Central Life Insurance Company.  Since that day in April of 1983, I have worked with literally thousands of people, many of whom became clients that remain with me to this day. Many of them are now also good friends.

My objective with each and every one of those people has been a simple one: to help in whatever way I can. I work with clients to either address their a la carte needs or to construct and implement a comprehensive financial plan to help them attain their life goals.  Doing so we identify and pursue investment opportunities that assist with retirement planning or college savings, as well as offer insurance contracts to protect against the loss caused by death or disability.

Help comes in less obvious ways as well. On many occasions, I have given unemployed clients and prospects the book, “What Color is Your Parachute?” to provide them with additional tools and resources as they re-enter the job market. I then discussed the message with them and applied it to their own situation. I have intervened on behalf an elderly client with limited assets to negotiate lower costs for much needed dental work.  I have helped a client connect with the correct people to expand their business into a new area. Whatever the need, I use my experience and connections to facilitate successful outcomes for those whom I represent.

Our site includes a related professionals page, which lists many professionals with whom I routinely connect my clients and prospects to help with things like estate planning, tax accounting, debt option counseling and the buying and selling of homes.

If there is something you would like to see on our site that you can’t find, let us know.  If you have trouble accessing the information, please tell us right away so we can connect you to what you need.  Come back to the site often to explore and check back as we continue to add new information and ideas.