About us

Tim Seiders
Tim Seiders* – Is a Certified Financial Planner ® and Investment Advisor Representative. Licensed since 1983 to offer life, health and annuity insurance products and since 1985 to offer all registered investment securities. Tim works in a friendly and consultative manner to help all clients regardless of the size of their need to deal with each of the financial transition one needs to make in the course of their life.
John W. Cain
 John W. Cain* – Is a licensed insurance agent in the states of New York, New Jersey and Florida. After flying jet planes in the United States Air Force in the early 1960’s. John entered the insurance business offering IRS Section 403(b) tax-sheltered annuities to employees of many schools in central and northern New Jersey as well as the Brooklyn Public Library. Although John does not personally visit the schools and library he does handle servicing requests and enjoys speaking with his clients who over the years have become his friends.
 Mimi Mooney
 Mimi Mooney – Has been working with One-Stop Financial Services since June 2011. Her joining us has enabled us to take our client servicing and client outreach projects to the level where they rightfully should be. Mimi has extensive work experience providing support to corporate executives. She takes ownership of any project she is given and follows it through to its successful completion. If you call our office is Mimi’s cheerful voice that will likely greet you.
 Maryanne Seiders – Has been a partner to Tim Seiders before there ever was a One-Stop Financial Services. She held down the fort until the reinforcements arrived in 2011 helping to keep Tim organized. Through the years it has been her handwriting on the birthday cards that we send out to each of our clients. Sending out well over a thousand cards each year that has become a job unto itself. Maryanne helps to keep our office going.