One Stop Cares

Since January 2012 we have made a monetary charitable contribution each month to honor our clients having birthdays that month.

Here is the tally of One Stop Financial Services contributions through February 2015

In April of 2014 we began to direct our donations to a charity called Since then we have donated enough to purchase at retail over 1,266 1 liter bottles of water. Our contribution added together with the donations of others around the world will help make the lives of people living in destitute poverty in a third world nation a little bit better. Here in the United States we think nothing of our clean, affordable water supply. In third world nations it is a woman’s responsibility to get water for the household each day. You can read more about it here.

Through Worldvision we have purchased and donated:

4 Goats
38 Ducks
14 Chickens
5 Bicycles for girls
8 Rabbits
11 Mosquito Bed Nets
13 Sets of educational supplies for children

We also donated to The American Red Cross for the Superstorm Sandy relief fund and for their Tornado relief fund.  In addition we donated a gift card for a child with cancer and contributed to a fundraiser for a young mother with breast cancer.